Launch of the Haynes Kitchen Upgrade Manual

Well today is the big day! Throughout the length and breadth of the land queues are forming outside local bookshops. The crowds, eager to get their hands upon the epic manual the DIY world has been waiting for, surge forwards as the doors finally open. Yes, today sees the release of  “The Kitchen Upgrade Manual”: more thrilling than ‘The Mancunian Candidate’, more gripping than ‘Where Beagles Dare’, more riveting than ‘The Bournemouth Identity. Gasp, as we discuss kitchen design and terminology. Shudder, as we talk through renovation options, from concrete worktops to acid-staining and re-veneering cabinets. Swoon, as you learn how to assemble your own kitchen and have a quiet sit down and a cup of tea as we rampage through the perils and pitfalls of kitchen appliances. Yes, everything you could ever wish to know about designing and building your own kitchen is all here in one book, available from Amazon and all good bookshops - even some of the rubbish ones might stock it!